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Santa's Flight Academy Set Hours - Located in District 7

November 7: 6pm-9pm

November 8-9: 10am-8pm 

November 10: 11am-6pm

November 11-16: 10am-8pm 

November 17: 11am-6pm

November 18-23: 10am-8pm

November 24: 11am-6pm (Pet Photo Night 6:30pm-8pm) 

November 25-27: 10am-8pm

November 28: CLOSED 

November 29-30: 10am-9pm

December 1: 11am-7pm (Pet Photo Night 7:30pm-9pm) 

December 2-7: 10am-9pm

December 8: 11am-7pm (Sensory Santa Event 9am-10:45am / Pet Photo Night 7:30pm-9pm)

December 9-14: 10am-9pm

December 15: 11am-7pm

December 16-21: 9am-10pm

December 22: 11am-7pm

December 23: 9am-10pm

December 24: 9am-3pm


Photo Package Pricing

Package A -  Digital & Print

Digital Files (Up to 3 photos of the same session)
Four 5 x 7s
Four 4 x 6s
Four 3 x 5s
Eight Wallets
Plus a Complimentary Lovepop Picture Card



Package B - Digital Files Only



Package C - Prints Only

One 5 x 7
Two 4 x 6s
Four Wallets
Plus a Complimentary Lovepop Picture Card



Add-Ons: Photo Package Purchase Required 

Digital Photo plus four free wallets: $10 
One 5 x 7 or Two 4 x 6's: $10/each


Lovepop Cards

A Lovepop is more than a card. The intricate 3D paper sculptures are designed by naval engineers on cutting edge software and then hand-crafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami.